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Driving Modernization and Transformation with an Microservices Based Architecture
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CASE STUDY: DriveCentric shift to Microservices Based Architecture

DriveCentric, founded in 2010, is a customer relationship management (CRM) and internet marketing company, providing automotive dealerships with tools to connect with customers. Thanks to DriveCentric’s unique position in the market, the company has started growing significantly. This growth meant however, that DriveCentic had to alter its core product to be able to meet the increased demand and customers’ needs. They decided to shift to a microservices-based architecture oriented around data in motion with Confluent, which is more scalable than their original product, a traditional multi-layered web application.

Confluent works as a fully managed cloud service and enables DriveCentric teams to concentrate on building features to help their customers rather than managing infrastructure.

As a result of implementing Microservices Based Architecture with Confluent, scalability for further growth is now assured and peak workloads can be handled smoothly. According to DriveCentric, Confluent also provides them with capabilities they need from a development and production support point of view.

With new microservices coming online, a much higher volume of data could be processed, meaning that the company experienced a significant increase in message volume, which Confluent could handle without issues.

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