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CASE STUDY: Event streaming architecture increases messaging layer throughput for online delivery services


Industry:  In online delivery services for groceries and essentials, a lot depends on the agility and reliability of the service to complete a transaction. It starts right from a customer selecting items and placing an order, visiting specified retailers, buying them, and delivering them to the customers. This case study

Event-Driven Architectures on Apache Kafka
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VIDEO: What is Event Streaming Platform? Session by Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent


Event Streaming in Apache Kafka Event streaming platforms are the new revolution happening in the data infrastructure and application architecture. The infrastructure technology has concentrated chiefly on building one application, meaning one data store servicing one app. However, in a company, there are more than hundreds of applications, datastores, data warehouses. The

Machine learning on Google Cloud
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VIDEO: Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform by Sara Robinson


Machine learning involves teaching computers to recognize patterns in the same manner a human brain does. For example, it is effortless for us to differentiate between an apple and an orange or a cat and a dog. However, imagine if one has to teach a machine to do this. There

Data processing in IoT
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VIDEO: Data streaming in IoT


The world around us is turning smart. We have smart watches, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and even intelligent toasters. We have heaps of sensors and actuators throughout our homes rolling out to improve our experiences of living in the house. Where are we heading with this? We are

Learning & Development Microservice Architecture Microservices Popular Springboot Microservices Tutorials

Most commonly asked microservices interview questions


Microservice architecture – based on a collection of small, loosely-coupled services for rapid and reliable delivery of complex applications – has gained tremendous popularity across industries. As a result, businesses are increasingly transitioning to microservice architectural style from monolith structure. However, the transition is not easy. That is why the

Rwal time data analytics using AWS Kinesis
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VIDEO: Why data streaming & Real-time data analytics became very popular recently?


Why is everyone these days talking about streaming analytics? Real-time data analytics has become one of the most valuable assets for any business. This is because the business community across all sectors now realizes that the new real-time insights are of greater value than those delayed by a few days

Confluent Kafka SSL configuration
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VIDEO: Kafka SSL setup – How to make your kafka configuration secure


If you are dealing with a website, you probably have heard of the SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. For example, you are trying to access google from your computer and see a green button at the URL. You instantly know this website is secured. It means the website is SSL

Uber Microservices architechture
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VIDEO: Case Study of Uber Microservices Architecture


This video is about the Uber Microservices Architecture & explains how monolith architecture are transitioned into small microservices to maximize business value. A monolith architecture is a unified model. It means it has all the pieces of the IT architecture tightly coupled, and each component needs to be present for

How To Build a Scalable Big Data Pipeline
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VIDEO: How to design an efficient Big Data Pipeline. ETL vs Real-time pipelines


A data pipeline architecture is complex. With the continuous advancement, it becomes even more challenging to comprehend the structure and be decisive about the tools and technologies for the data pipelines. However, it is easy to understand it when you connect it with the day-to-day scenario. For example, a data