Data pipelines vs ETL pipelines
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ETL Pipeline vs Data Pipeline: An Overview


What Is an ETL Pipeline? Extract, Transform and Load, significantly known as ETL pipeline is a set of processes where you extract data from a particular source, and then transform it before you load it into the destination. The source can derive itself from anywhere, be it business systems or

How To Build a Scalable Big Data Pipeline
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VIDEO: How to design an efficient Big Data Pipeline. ETL vs Real-time pipelines


A data pipeline architecture is complex. With the continuous advancement, it becomes even more challenging to comprehend the structure and be decisive about the tools and technologies for the data pipelines. However, it is easy to understand it when you connect it with the day-to-day scenario. For example, a data

Data Pipeline definition
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What is a Data Pipeline? Definition & Examples


Have you ever star-gazed? Let’s imagine that you are counting the number of stars in the sky. Would you be able to count all the stars? You can categorize them for sure. That’s exactly how abundant data is nowadays. When you allow data flow from one location to the next,