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VIDEO: How Data Management capabilities fit together in an effective data architecture framework


A data architecture, in simple terms, is a framework for the IT infrastructure to be able to support the data strategy. It refers to the models, rules through which the data is collected, arranged, stored, transported, and utilized in an organization. Data capabilities include metadata management, master/reference data management, data

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Start Automating your Data pipelines with Apache Airflow


About Apache Kafka & Apache Airflow Kafka is a popular messaging platform based on pub-sub mechanism. It is a highly available, fault tolerant & distributed system. Most organisations are using Kafka in different use-cases, but the best part of Kafka is it’s service oriented architecture, it makes it language agnostic,

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CASE STUDY: PedidosYa used real-time data streaming to strengthen security


Delivery Hero-PedidosYa is a market-leading online food ordering platform in Latin America. It has an innovative web and mobile app providing its users access to 12,000 restaurants across six countries in the region. This case study explains how they used real-time data streaming to detect malicious & fraudulent activities &

Big Data Analytics at MoPub
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CASE STUDY: MoPub Querying Terabytes of Data in Seconds using Big data analytics


MoPub provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers globally. The company platforms to drive maximum revenue for every ad impression and control the user experiences. It has over 1.7 billion monthly unique devices, 1 trillion ad requests, 52000 plus apps, and more than 180 demand-side partners on its

Rwal time data analytics using AWS Kinesis
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Enterprise Data Streaming Architecture


A modern enterprise Data Streaming Architecture will have a lot of communications, these can include application queues, streaming data, control data, data transfers, for backup, syncing, updates, IOT sensor data, system snapshots and other never ending use cases. We would be discussing about some commonly used use-cases in most enterprises.

Driving Modernization and Transformation with an Microservices Based Architecture
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CASE STUDY: DriveCentric shift to Microservices Based Architecture


DriveCentric, founded in 2010, is a customer relationship management (CRM) and internet marketing company, providing automotive dealerships with tools to connect with customers. Thanks to DriveCentric’s unique position in the market, the company has started growing significantly. This growth meant however, that DriveCentic had to alter its core product to