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Mojix builds real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms
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CASE STUDY: Real-time retail and supply chain IoT platforms with Confluent Cloud

Company: Mojix is a US-based leading item chain management solutions provider to retail and industrial enterprises around the globe. The company’s software solutions work in real-time and are hardware agnostic. They aggregate and process data streams from various sensors to provide business insights. Let’s see how they used real-time data streaming to build retail & supply chain platforms.

Challenge: One of the biggest problems in the retail business is managing the inventory, especially in real-time. The diminished inventory accuracy is often as low as 65% making it difficult for companies to offer better customer experiences. Mojix’s challenge was to provide retailers with a solution to improve inventory accuracy, enable operational intelligence and support omnichannel sales.

Solution: Using Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka, Mojix has built a scalable, highly available platform – ViZix. The platform supports real-time data streaming & operational intelligence with complex event processing for a hybrid cloud across the edge – at retail stores and distribution centers and the cloud. It helps retailers to analyze and act on inventory data collected from IoT sensor streams in real-time. 

Result: The inventory accuracy increased from 65% to 99%. Apache Kafka and Confluent Cloud help the company to build a highly fault-tolerant and scalable architecture. Mojix’s DevOps team relies on Confluent Cloud for high availability streaming data services across multiple regions, enabling it to focus more on developing its products.

Read the entire case study here.

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