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VIDEO: How Data Management capabilities fit together in an effective data architecture framework

A data architecture, in simple terms, is a framework for the IT infrastructure to be able to support the data strategy. It refers to the models, rules through which the data is collected, arranged, stored, transported, and utilized in an organization. Data capabilities include metadata management, master/reference data management, data
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CASE STUDY: Effective use of data using the Real-time Analytics powered by Deloitte

Case: A wireless telecommunications company needed to leverage its vast volume of data more effectively for near real-time customer analytics. Challenge: The company was gathering sizeable volumes of data but was struggling to generate unique market insights. It faced a challenge with data latency, with an imposed reporting lag time of

Database Design in Microservices Architecture

Top Event Streaming Use Cases That Transform Businesses

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4 Weekends Beginners Kafka Course

Apache Kafka works as an open-source distributed event streaming platform. Moreover, Kafka can store streams of data safely in a distributed and fault-tolerant cluster. In addition, several companies choose Apache Kafka nowadays. Therefore, it's very useful to learn about Apache
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Docker and Kubernetes online workshops

Nowadays, more and more businesses deploy applications with microservices architecture. In addition, lots of organizations have decided to migrate web applications from monolithic structure to microservices as they have several advantages. For instance, the advantages of microservices architecture include improved scalability
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DevOps Certification Training

DevOps is the modern practice of development engineers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) participating together in continuous development, testing, and support in software development lifecycles. What is more, The DevOps engineer career path has become very appealing nowadays. Therefore, lot
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Azure Data Engineer Skills for Success

It goes without saying that data experts are in high demand in the market. Lots of companies have started using different data management tools and techniques like data pipelines and data structuring. Therefore, learning about data engineering can be very

Social Media Recruitment in 2022
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Social Media Recruitment in 2022

Like the rest of the world, a lot has changed in recruitment across industries in the last two years. Everything has become virtual -  job interviews, applications, even the team introduction on the very first day of the job. These transformations have also turned social media recruitment into a mainstream tool for
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Tips: A quick reminder of things to do before your job interview

What to expect from job market in 2022

What to expect from the job market in 2022?

2022 outlook: Key trends in workplace